Wine increases team loyalty, its true!

If there is one thing that bonds silicon valley more than technology, its wine. And now we may have early empirical proof that wine can improve relationships and team loyalty, in addition to well researched and documented heath and brain performance advantages.

Honestly, I have never had a bad day that wine could not fix or a celebratory occasion that wine could not make better. Wine has been an awesome companion for most of my adult life and a year ago I started helping my friends discover great wine and even turn it into great gifts for their clients, vendors, team and much more. There’s great joy in gifting people fine wine.

Like many stories in silicon valley, what started as a hobby soon turned into a start-up as orders poured in from all sorts of sources — hiring companies building relationships, real estate firms sending fine wine (sometimes even top of the line champagne) as a gift on a new purchase and start-ups gifting fine wine on employee milestones.

It was small and intimate but fun and liberating to do something I loved and be able to share it with people. And then someone shared this:

Facebook screenshot of received gift

This was amazing! People were loving our wine and champagne gifts, our way of presenting them and they were sharing them with their friends and families on Facebook. I quickly picked up the phone and called my client at Trulia, and excitedly proclaimed “people seem to be loving our anniversary gifts” and she shared a couple more stories of how people loved it, shared our gifts with their loved ones at home, enjoyed the premium chocolates or the nuance of having it all packaged neatly in the beautiful black box.

Trulia has been voted multiple times as one of San Francisco Bay Area’s best places to work, and no doubt when I spoke them about how my love for wine was turning into a relationship building strategy, they lapped it up and have been using our wine boxes ever since.

These stories make me ecstatic! I am sure if we got a bunch of Stanford guys to research on wine’s effect on relationships, human happiness we would get both correlation and causation :)

I have many other stories from small start-ups to sales-driven organizations. But this simple story of someone loving our thoughtful handpicked gifts and sharing it on their personal social network makes me happy.

If you share my love for wine, champagnes and start-ups and want to discuss any of those topics over a nice bottle, feel free to reach out to me.

Reach me at Dave at mademoments

I am Dave Shefferman and after having spent a decade plus in silicon valley building technology products (a few of which went public), I found my true love in wine. I run two companies now WineSavage and MadeMoments, with the latter being focussed on turning wine and champagne into beautiful gifts paired with right accessories to make moments even more memorable.

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