5 Jolly Ways to Say Thank You With Wine


Your customers and employees love it when you say thank you with wine, but slipping it into a re-gifted wine bag just won’t do. Here are 5 unexpected ways to say thank you with wine this holiday season – Santa approved!

Holiday gift-giving is a wonderful tradition that builds strong business ties and boosts the bottom line, so it’s no wonder that six in ten businesses give gifts to clients and employees during the season. More than half of those will give food and drink, because everyone loves a feast! Your customers and staff help your business succeed, and we’ve collected 5 fresh new ways to say thank you with wine.

1 | Give them a good time (with your private label wine as a party favor)

Chances are you’re hosting a company holiday party – four out of five businesses do. In addition to the usual decorations, catered meal and party games, order up some Napa Valley Private Label Wine and give your team a classy gift to take home after the annual fete. These California reds and whites will boast your own customized label – what better way to say thank you with wine?

2 | Go classic with a stunning gift set

A quality bottle of red or white is a traditional holiday gift, and just about everyone will appreciate this classic gesture of gratitude. Go above and beyond by presenting the bottle in an elegant gift set with some luscious chocolates, stemware, and a personal note for that special touch.

3 | Be a standout: give a magnificent welcome for the New Year

Your clients may be flooded with shortbread, scotch and corporate tchotchkes in December, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. Don’t let your gift get lost in the shuffle – send it in January! Take the extra time to put together a thank you package they’ll never forget: a custom gift set with premium wine and a thoughtful message.

4 | Give an experience: host a last-minute holiday wine tasting event

We’re going to be bold here and suggest that a wine tasting really is the ideal holiday gathering. What could be better than getting cozy with some good company and some spectacular, hard-to-find wines? An impromptu wine tasting is the perfect way to say thank you with wine, and your clients and staff will appreciate the effort: the vast majority of people – 84% – would much rather be thanked in person.

5 | Give good vibes: support your local California wineries

If you really want to knock your clients’ socks off, send a shipment of the very best artisanal California wines right to their front door. These hand-crafted, small-lot wines are curated by professionals who value taste above all else. Better yet: Profits from the Q4 wine club shipment will go to support those affected by the fall wildfires.


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