R.O.I. of Thank You

Holiday Business Gifts: What’s In It For You?

It's tradition to give holiday business gifts. Of course, it's a nice thing to do. In some industries, it’s even expected.

These are all good reasons to give gifts at the holidays, but if they’re the only reasons you’re handing out cards and parcels, then you’re missing the most persuasive business reason of all: It boosts the bottom line.

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Say thanks year-round with these six easy tips

saying thanks

Many companies pay lip service to the benefits of saying thank you, but few truly leverage the awesome power of gratitude in business. The truth is that corporate gift-giving is a subtle art, and a good thank you strategy will help you nail it. You can stand out by saying thanks.

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Your 2018 Plan to Forge Strong Business Relationships

Experts say the best way to build a business is to focus on people—seeing them, serving them, and showing your gratitude. Here's how »

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5 Jolly Ways to Say Thank You With Wine

Your customers and employees love it when you say thank you with wine, but slipping it into a re-gifted wine bag just won’t do. Here are 5 unexpected ways to say thank you with wine this holiday season – Santa approved!

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Wine increases team loyalty, its true!

If there is one thing that bonds silicon valley more than technology, its wine. And now we may have early empirical proof that wine can improve relationships and team loyalty, in addition to well researched and documented heath and brain performance advantages. Honestly, I have never had a bad day that wine could not fix or a celebratory occasion that wine could not make better. Wine has been an awesome companion for most of my adult life and a year ago I started helping my friends discover great wine and even turn it into great gifts for their clients, vendors,...

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